Vitamin D3 Supplement

Enhances bone health

and immune function.

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Vitamin D3 400IU

Vitamin D3 400IU

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It has a critical role in regulating calcium and phosphorus absorption to improve bone mineral density, bone mass, and reduce fracture risk. Another primary function is its role in boosting immunity, it goes as far as inhibiting carcinogenesis and treating COVID-19. Vitamin D has been also linked to improved heart health and reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also plays a role in insulin sensitivity, insulin resistance and appetite regulation.

Vitamin D plays a major role in neurotransmitter pathways to make serotonin and dopamine, hence why supplementation improves mood, anxiety and depression, and even helps in the progress of patients with MS.


Regular supplementation with Vitamin D3 can help maintain bone density and support the immune system. It assists in ensuring that calcium levels in the blood are adequate, supporting bone and dental health. Vitamin D3 is also beneficial for muscle function and overall cellular health.

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Vitamin D3 for immunity

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Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC), Silicon Dioxide, Vegan (HPMC) Capsule Shell.

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