Brain Focus


Supports brain health

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Brain Focus

Brain Focus

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It plays a role in haemoglobin production and affects energy levels, immunity, and oxygen transport.

This complex, brain focus, has also shown digestive and cardiovascular benefits by turning food metabolism into energy.


Regular intake of Bacopa Monnieri may help improve memory retention and increase focus. It can help support the brain's ability to process information more efficiently and reduces mental fatigue. This supplement is beneficial for those looking to enhance cognitive performance and mental resilience.

Brain Focus with drink
Brain Focus 500gm

Nutritional Information:


Other Ingredients: Silicon Dioxide, Vegan (HPMC) Capsule Shell.

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Why choose PicPax?

Each vegan-friendly capsule provides 500mg and is free from preservatives, fillers, bulking agents, artificial colours and sweeteners.

Gluten Free

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